Wine from Bourgueil in Touraine - Loire Valley

Le Domaine du Petit Bondieu à Restigné en Touraine

our priority is to produce natural wines

working the vines in Touraine
Thomas Pichet toils the earth to produce natural wines
Our priority is to produce natural wines.
We do not use any chemical fertilisers and only add products of natural origin to the soil. We protect our vines from disease by applying the traditional Bordeaux mixture and sulphur combined with herbal teas.

We toil the earth : We plough it in the winter, working carefully around the vine, then hoe it. We also carry out other processes such as cover planting, bud pruning, stripping of leaves and ongoing monitoring of the yield.

These various processes help the grapes to ripen fully, with the resulting wine expressing the full flavour of our soil.

Keeping the vines healthy and harvesting decent yields of quality grapes is labour-intensive. We work in tune with the climate as well as the requirements dictated by the production of a single-variety wine such as Cabernet Franc